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Exploring Whole Body Health and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Upgrading and Downgrading Your Health:  How Imbalances Can Affect the Performance of your Body to Maintain and Enjoy Optimal Whole-Body Health Most of the time what I write and share on my blog are my thoughts, comments, and exercise tips and perhaps an occasional guest article post.  But today, I’ve got something special!  I’m blessed […]

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Choose to MOVE: What Movement Means for Whole-Body Health

Choose to MOVE your muscles to stay strong, healthy, & fit! As we head into a NEW Year, I’d like to share with you a few thoughts about choosing to MOVE, and what movement means for your whole-body health.  Kicking off a new year, gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, it’s a moment […]

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Features & Flaws: The Mind-Body Mindset

Perspective: How We Look and Feel About Our Body – Men vs. Women This cartoon came across my Facebook stream last week, and while it’s good for a laugh, it also gets right to the point. This man and women quickly demonstrate the differences between the male and female perspective when it comes to what […]

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Toes and Leg Pain – Is It Connected?

Getting to the Root of the Problem for Better Whole-Body Health           Have you ever experienced pain somewhere in your body not from an accident or a hard work out, but over time a little ache here, a bigger pain there.  It’s nothing big enough to “worry” about or to make any changes in your lifestyle […]

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Posture – Structural Spine Support for Whole-Body Health

The human body is the most amazing structure ever created! If our structure is properly supported, and all our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and body systems are in harmony – we can move, work, and play with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment for optimal whole-body health and a truly healthy and happy life. What Happens […]

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The Importance of Form for Functional Movement and Whole-Body Health

Are your daily habits helping or hurting your body?  Do you want to feel great and can’t figure out why you don’t?  Is form and functional movement something that you focus on during your workouts and daily-life activities?

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Do You “Tune-Out” When You Work Out? Tips To Improve Functional Movement & Whole-Body Health

Health Improvement can encompass a lot of different things.  Depending on your wellness goals, the  focus can be on fitness, diet & nutrition, stress-management, or a number of other things necessary to take care of your body and enjoy good health. One of the all important things on a Health Improvement list is fitness.  Daily […]

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Monday's Mindful Motivation Tip: Follow Your Heart

  Today and Every Day –  Follow Your Heart. With everything you do – follow your Heart and enjoy the bliss that listening to your inner voice has to guide your decisions for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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What Pilates Can Do for You!

What is The Pilates Method? The Pilates Method teaches a holistic, common-sense approach to efficient movement habits for whole-body health. Developed as a system or movement regime, Pilates training provides a variety of choices in both exercises and specialized Pilates equipment to help reinforce good movement habits, lying down, seated, kneeling, and standing. Everything you […]

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