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Finding the Best Workouts for Your Personality Type

Hello there! Quick question! How many times did you skip your workout this week? Twice? Thrice? We have all been there – paying for an annual gym membership and visiting the gym once in a blue moon. Most people think fitness is a one-fit for all. If you are someone who thinks the same, keep […]

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And the Survey Says… "What's the #1 Reason You Workout?"

Well, here is the question of the day! [poll id=2] There are so many different reasons that each of us is inspired to exercise.  And your inspiration might change throughout the year.  Finding the motivation factor to keep fit is one of the keys to success. I believe that if you know what motivates you, […]

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Health Benefits, Fun and Fitness with Nintendo Wii Fit

Wii Fitness…  What Fun! I may be a bit behind the times when it comes to enjoying the fun and benefits of all the new interactive video game products on the market – like the Nintendo Wii Fit…  but recently my techno-geek boyfriend purchased a Wii Fit for home.  (He’s had one at work since […]

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How to Find a Great Pilates Teacher

I’m frequently asked for referrals from people across the country (and the world) in search of a Great Pilates Teacher or Pilates Studio that they can check out and take Private Pilates lessons and join group Mat and Pilates equipment classes. Here are a few frequently asked questions, and Five Tips to find a Great […]

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