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The Benefits of Using a Fitness Journal to Track Your Exercise Consistency

Have you ever used a Fitness Journal to log your exercise and fitness workouts?  It can be so helpful to keep an exercise log to document your progress and help keep you accountable to reach the goals you’ve set for improving your health & wellness.  Workout tracking works!  Put this great exercise motivation tool to work for you. 

Ask Yourself the Following Questions About Your Exercise Habits:

  • Are you consistent with your fitness workouts?
  • Do you have the discipline, and stick-to-it-ness to set fitness goals and follow through to achieve them?
  • Do you exercise because you love it, or because you feel like you have to?
  • How seriously do you take taking care of your health & wellness?
  • Do you have a consistent pattern of inconsistent action to reach goals?

Is What You Want Congruent with the ACTION You Are Taking To Reach Your Target Objectives?

Regardless of whether it’s a health & fitness goal, exercise, diet & nutrition, something related to work, family, chores, lifestyle, charity… every area of our life should have track-able, measurable goals in place to help with accountability for achieving health, wealth, and happiness.

Resolution Question:

We’re now a couple of weeks into a New Year.  What did you tell yourself you were going to commit to starting January first?  Are you still committed and taking action to follow through to stay consistent with the promises and resolutions you made to yourself?   Do it!  You’re worth it!

I recently posted  a Motivation Tip on my Facebook page – that said,

In the long run, consistency is better than one quick moment of brilliance!
Overcome distractions, stop procrastinating, and commit to consistency to reap big rewards.
What one thing are you going to commit to being consistent with?”

Take a moment and think about what ONE thing you are committed to being consistent with that will benefit your improved health & wellness. 

  • What is it?
  • What benefits will you reap through the action of being consistent?
  • How can you measure what you’re doing, so you know it’s working?

I’m all about improving the health of our mind, body, and spirit.  It’s all connected.  For us to Be Fit, Be Centered, and Be Well it’s important to BE AWARE of what we’re doing.  One of the best ways to increase awareness about your daily habits is to write things down.

My desire to keep track of my own efforts for improved wellness, as well as having an inspiring tool to share with my friends & clients, led me to create the Be Fit Journal book.  This handy book is designed to help keep you accountable for five years of fitness, with daily tracking for your wellness workouts.

Be Fit Journal – 5 Years of Fitness,

Daily Tracking for Your Wellness Workouts

A Daily Journal to Keep You Inspired, Active, and Fit to Achieve Wellness Success!

  • Document daily workouts to stay on-track with healthy habits to reach your fitness goals.
  • Have fun comparing your data from year-to-year.
  • Stay motivated to maintain and improve your health for five fabulous years of fitness!

Discipline and consistency are key components in the achievement of any worthwhile goal.  Looking out for #1 (That’s YOU!) should always be a top priority.

One of the great benefits with the Be Fit Journal is you can see a quick snapshot of the consistency of your fitness workouts for a full five years!  A great way to compare what you’ve done in the past to what you’re doing today.  Use your fitness journal as the motivational fuel to keep at it, or make any changes needed to achieve better results for your future wellness success.

It’s like having your own personal accountability coach to help keep you consistent with your exercise habits to achieve your health & wellness goals.

If you’re ready to be consistent with your fitness program and track your Pilates, Yoga, Weights, Cardio, Swimming, Sports – Everything you do to stay active and healthy… Start documenting your action steps to achieve Wellness Success.

Get your Be Fit Journal TODAY!

Be Fit – Be Centered – Be Well!

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