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Pilates Quote: Perfect Health

No BODY is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with striving for perfect health.  Every BODY is beautiful!   We all have assets, features, and what we think are flaws, things we wish could change, and things we’re willing to work on.  Learning to accept and love our body is the first step.  A healthy mindset sets us up to take positive action to work on health improvement.

What I love the most about Pilates is working with the mindset and goal to always make the last repetition of each exercise the very BEST one you’ve ever done!  With this strategy, the only thing that can happen is better health!  Our muscles are left with a positive experience of what it feels like to do each exercise well, thus eliminating bad movement habits and replacing them with healthy movement habits.

By studying the body we become better aware of our good and bad points and can focus our efforts on making improvements.  Applying this strategy to every workout, and daily activity continues to move us forward to perfect health!

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