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Pilates Quote: Pilates Benefits for Your Body

Joseph Pilates saw the Pilates benefits his clients received for strengthening the body, improving posture, and developing better whole-body health.  While “Pilates” is a form of physical exercise and is not considered “re-hab” or “physical therapy,” it is becoming more widely accepted as a beneficial form of exercise for rehabilitative purposes.

The act of learning how to work the body correctly to improve balanced muscle development and train healthy movement habits, builds better bodies – PERIOD.

If you have a healthy body, Pilates training can help you avoid all the problems listed here…  If you have physical issues or health challenges, big or small, the right exercises in your weekly workouts, and working out with the Pilates System might just help you make changes other modalities you’ve tried have been unable to achieve.  The Pilates Method is the best thing on the Planet for correcting posture, improving body alignment, and developing whole-body health!

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