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Fantastic Feet! Workshop by Aliesa GeorgeThe Fantastic Feet! Workshop is excellent for developing a quick and easy exercise program specifically to improve the subtle muscle imbalances that start at the feet and affect our posture and health.  Learn exercises, seated, standing, and laying down for healthy and happy feet.  

Treat your feet and experience the health benefits these simple stretching and strengthening exercises can give you.


  • flat feet, or high arches
  • weak ankles, prone to sprains & strains
  • notice uneven wear patterns on your shoes,
  • tight calf muscles, limited mobility in the toes, feet, or ankles,
  • bunions, hammer toes, or other misaligned joints
  • Or if you have healthy feet and want to keep them feeling fine!

The Fantastic Feet! exercises can help you improve your body’s posture and help reduce joint-stress from the ground up. If you thought there was nothing you could do to keep your feet healthy but a soak in the need to experience the benefits these simple to learn foot-care exercises can do for you!

Centerworks® has more foot care tips, Awesome! Workshops™ and foot fitness products to help you keep your feet healthy.

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