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Pilates Quote: Flexibility and Age

Does your flexibility and age match?  You are only as old as you feel… I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “age is just a number.” Joseph Pilates brings some meaning to this adage.  The number of years we’ve been on this planet is not what makes us young or old, but it’s the fitness, flexibility and strength of our bodies that determine our youth and vitality (or lack thereof.)

So how old do YOU feel?  How fit and flexible is your spine?  How easily and naturally can you bend your body forwards, backwards, sideways, and twist?  How often do you ask your body to move and bend in all directions?

If you’re feeling stiff and old, it’s never too late to start moving to improving your health and enhance your vitality.  Keep your spine, hips, and shoulders moving freely so that as you age 60 can be the new 40, and let’s strive to make 90 the new 60!

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